Soft pinks and lavenders filled the quietness of the evening sky. The shushed rustle of birds drifted to the silence of night. The full moon rose like unto a small pearl so gentle; so soft. Below stood I beside my wife’s freshly dug grave and the statue of a woman clinging to the cross. Read more

About J. Allen Wilson

J. Allen Wilson is a native of South Carolina and currently resides in the small town of Belton, SC. In 1986 he was blessed by God, for that was when he caught his first glimpse of an angel who would soon thereafter become his wife. With a wink and a soft smile from her; his heart was captured. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

This is the last poem and these will become the final lines of this written journey and again I put the end at the beginning and the beginning at the end. Why, I truly do not know other than it feels appropriate in that when this journey ends, another begins. Read more

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